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CSTR Annual Meeting and Elections -
Meeting and election update - The meeting will again be an in person event.

Annual Meeting and Dinner will be hosted at Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge MA.  The date is March 9, 2024.  Cocktails at 4 pm to 5 pm, General Membership Meeting from 5 pm to 6 pm.  The meal will be served from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Members may attend the General Meeting without attending the meal.  Non members are welcome to attend.

http://www.sturbridgehosthotel.com/   https://goo.gl/maps/EYQiT7VJ9ps

Meeting Schedule - Download the Annual Meeting info and reservation form

BOD Meeting

  • Board of Directors will hold a meeting at 2 pm


  • Cocktails will be available from 4 pm  to 5 pm

Members Meeting

  • Members meeting will be held from 5 pm to 6 pm


  • The meal will be served beginning at 6 pm

The cost of the meal is $40 for adults and $30 for juniors.  Meal choices will be Turkey or Haddock.  An allowance can be made for those with a specific dietary requirement.

Deadline to make a meal reservation is February 28, 2023. To make a reservation, contact Margo Petracone westwindfm@aol.com

Elections 2024

Long time BOD members Mary McKenney and Butch Sinclair have stepped down from the Board.  The nomination period for BOD candidates was January 12th to 19th, 2024 and we have two nominees for your approval.  A short bio on each of the candidates is below

Elections will be conducted electronically.  Members will receive a postal mail or an email to a link to the form.

CSTR BOD position #1   CSTR BOD position #2
Jim Singiser   Diane Sullivan

       To the membership of CSTR:
       While horses were a part of my childhood, they have not been part it through most of my adult life.
I met Jean about fifteen years ago and she encouraged me to join with her in this pursuit of horsemanship, camping, traveling, and trail riding. At that time, she had been applying for Cross State membership for a few years and I began accompanying her to the Spring dinners. She became a member, and I began the process myself. becoming a member in 2013. 
      The club has a long remarkable history of fifty plus years and the point-to-point rides of those early years, must truly been amazing! The multiple venues of years past are again story lines for a late arrival such as me.
      As I look to the future of this club, I see some real challenges ahead. Loss of trailheads, trail systems, and ongoing land development has contributed greatly to ride venue choice problems the club faces and the fact we are aging out as a group.
Attracting new membership that fits the groups expectations of horsemanship and behavior, plus costs, ride time commitments are real concerns. 
      The point being, I have enjoyed working with ride chairs and members clearing and marking trails and would like to continue to better understand where the club wants to go or may need to go in order to continue. I offer to put my efforts to helping CSTR move forward in this regard.
       Sincerely, Jim Singiser

  I am pleased and excited to be nominated for the Board of Directors for CSTR. I did my first camp with Cross State only five years ago, but I feel that it has become a very important part of my life now and look forward each year to the spring and summer rides.
For those that don't know me, I live in Rhode Island and have been trail riding for many years (I wish I had known about CSTR many years ago!). I currently have 2 horses - Levi, a 13 yr old TWH and Chico, a 19 yr old Paso fino. I am a small animal veterinarian. I owned and ran my own 3 doctor practice in Webster MA for 17 years. I just sold my practice in 2022 and now work part time for that practice.
In the past, as a member of the Massachusetts Army National Guard, I was a rider with the Massachusetts Army National Guard Ceremonial Unit. It was a volunteer unit made up of National guard soldiers and 10 horses. We would do parades, ceremonies, air shows, military funerals, as well as ride the Freedom Trail through Boston. Our unit also rode with the New England Mounted Police Association doing training and obstacle competitions. Like CSTRA, it was a very close knit group that I considered as my second family and am still close with many of them today.
I am currently a member of several local riding groups. I have served on the fund raising committee for Bay State Trail Riders and have volunteered on many of their rides. I have lead rides for Moswansicut Riding and Driving Club. I have also volunteered running rides with Pomfret Horse and Trail.
I am committed to keeping our Cross State family going strong and feel that my past experiences would be an asset as a Board member. I would love to see this club grow and continue to provide our members such memorable and well run camps, as well as to continue to find trails/camping areas that we could use. I would be honored to be selected as a Board member and would do my best to achieve these goals.