CSTR Aug 2010


Membership in CSTR - Current members can renew through the PayPal link at the bottom of the page or print the form in the right sidebar and mail to Karen Desroches, CSTR membership, 176 Brimstone Corner Rd., Hancock, NH 03449

Participation in the August CSTR is not simply a vacation.  We expect all members to participate in the work load in some way, either planning a ride, working to set up trails, working to make landowner contacts or working during the ride on the various committees and pitching in whenever something needs doing.  CSTR is family. 
Current members must maintain their membership whether or not they decide to participate on the August ride or risk defaulting on membership and being required to re-apply.  We have added the option to pay your dues through PayPal.  A payment button is posted at the bottom of the page.
Anyone wishing to apply for membership in CSTR must make application and be approved by the Board of Directors.  We will be accepting a limited number of new memberships a year.  Application may be made to the CSTR during September of each year.  The applications will go before the Board in November.  Those accepted in this application procedure will become full members of CSTR.  They will be eligible to attend the CSTR August Ride..
The application procedure must be followed exactly. The membership application download here and a picture should be mailed to KAREN WOOD, 180 MAIN ST., ATKINSON, NH 03811.

Sponsor recommendations must be sent in separately from the new member application.  The form can be downloaded here.

Application Procedure - Note submission date change

  • Complete the Membership Application
  • MAIL the application - it must be postmarked between SEPTEMBER 1 AND SEPTEMBER 30
  • Application must have a current member in good standing forward a letter of recommendtion under separate cover to Karen Wood.
  • Applicant must have already participated in a CSTR June weekend ride BEFORE making application
  • Please do not e-mail or hand carry your application, it must be mailed within the time limit
  • Please do not call or e-mail to request an update, you will be notified of acceptance or rejection
  • Membership acceptance is at the sole discretion of the Membership Committee and the CSTR BOD.
  • Once accepted through this procedure, applicants will become full members of CSTR with all the rights and privileges of membership. 
  • You may or may not choose to attend the August ride in the year of acceptance but must maintain membership by paying yearly dues.
  • New Members will be subject to the same strict entry deadlines for the August Ride as other members.


CURRENT MEMBERS - MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL - please renew with your name, not with farm or business name, list family members and include phone and contact email.

Membership renewals are due by April 1st.  You can renew by filling out the membership renewal form in the right column or by paying with PayPal.  Use the drop down to choose family or individual and click on "pay now"  You can pay through your paypal account or as a guest.

Choose Family or Individual
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